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Concrete Contractors of Chicagoland

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Concrete Contractors of Chicagoland can help you replace your asphalt driveway or concrete driveway. Concrete Contractors of Chicagoland can do a variety of repairs and installations. This page will tell you how to reach them. Here are some details about their services.

A. Lamp Concrete Contractors

A. Lamp Concrete Contractors are a local Concrete Contractor in Schaumburg. It provides services for a range of clients, including parking lots, highways, and building infrastructures. It has been in operation for over 28 years and currently employs more than 200 people at one location.

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The lawsuit alleges that Lampignano fraudulently defrauded union welfare and pension funds by underpaying union-affiliated employees over $1 million. This included underpaying wages of up to $24,000 per annum and failing make pension contributions greater than $1 million. Lampignano was convicted of criminal offenses and could spend up to 20 years prison sentence.

Contact Information for A. Lamp Concrete Contractors

A. Lamp Concrete Contractors, Inc., located in Schaumburg, Illinois, specializes in concrete services. They specialize in highway, parking lot, and roadway construction, as well landscape restoration. They provide services in Illinois as well as the surrounding states.

The company was formed in 2011. It is located in Illinois. It is estimated to generate between $10 and $20 million in annual revenue. It employs between 100- 249 workers. Check out the references of concrete contractors if you are interested.

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This Schaumburg, Illinois, company has a history of stealing from employees. The company deliberately underpaid union affiliate laborers by more $1 million in wages. JOSEPH LAMPIGNANO was the owner. He assigned laborers to work on construction projects which did not pay the union-negotiated rate. This breached collective bargaining agreements between Lampignano labor unions. From 2008 to 2013, it did not pay union-negotiated wages to certain laborers. This shortfall was more than $1 million.


Do I require a legal representative in order to sign my Service Agreements

No. You don't need a legal representative to sign your service agreements. However, you might want to appoint a legal representative as a precautionary measure.

Legal representatives are people who act on behalf of another person. You may wish to appoint someone to represent you professionally if you are a contractor.

This could also mean that you hire a solicitor or an accountant. This could be a matter of appointing someone who will look after your business interests.

In most cases, the client is responsible for appointing a legal agent. Sometimes, however, the vendor may hire a legal representative.

Legal representation in any case means that you are legally protected.

What is a service agreement?

A Service Contract Agreement (SCA), is an agreement between the parties to provide services. The SCA describes the services that are being offered, how they should be performed, who is responsible for their payment, and when they should begin. The SCA also describes what happens if either side violates its obligations.

Do you have any other suggestions?

Yes - check your local laws regarding the types of projects you can undertake and the conditions you need to meet. Some states require that you get council approval before you build. Other states say that you only need to notify them of your plans. Find out the position of your local authorities on this matter by checking with them.


  • (v) Place or places of performance of the prime contract and first-tier subcontracts estimated at $10 million or more, if known. (acquisition.gov)
  • Reasonable late fees go up to 25% per year on unpaid sums. (lawdepot.com)
  • Don't take their anger personally, they are mad about the situation 99% of the time. (activatemylicense.com)
  • (d) Contractor disputes related to compliance with its obligation shall be handled according to the rules, regulations, and relevant orders of the Secretary of Labor (see 41 CFR60-1.1). (acquisition.gov)
  • (1) Except as provided in paragraphs (a)(4) and (a)(8) of this section, if the estimated amount of the contract or subcontract is $10 million or more, the contracting officer shall request clearance from the appropriate OFCCP regional office before- (acquisition.gov)

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What is the distinction between a contract and a Service Agreement?

A service agreement describes an agreement in which a provider offers to provide services for a client. It creates an obligation on both parties. The term "service" is used to describe a company's products and advice. Financial services are not included.

A contract is a legally binding document which outlines the terms of a business partnership. For example, if you buy a product from a retailer, you have purchased a contract because you are obligated to pay for the item later. When you accept employment, you are entering into a contract.

The service agreement does not require any documentation. Written service agreements are rarely used in practice. Verbal agreements will be accepted as the standard.

A service agreement offers many advantages over a contract.

  1. A service contract is more flexible that a contract.
  2. It allows service providers to change their minds without any penalty.
  3. It gives the service more freedom in how it delivers the agreed-upon services.
  4. It provides a clear record of what was promised.
  5. It is simpler to prosecute a service provider.
  6. It is much cheaper to write a service contract than a standard contract.
  7. It is less likely that it will lead to litigation.
  8. It is much easier to terminate a service contract than a contractual agreement.
  9. Modifying a service agreement is much easier than changing a contract.
  10. To establish an ongoing relationship, you can use a service contract.
  11. It is possible to share the cost of drafting a service agreement with a third party.
  12. Including a provision requiring arbitration when drafting a service agreement is possible.
  13. You can include provisions about confidentiality, nondisclosure, or proprietary rights.
  14. It is possible to specify the duration of the contract (e.g., one year).
  15. You can make the service agreement subject only to a pre-existing condition.
  16. You can state that the service provider is only liable for gross negligence, negligence, or fraud.
  17. It is possible limit liability for consequential damages.
  18. It is possible to allow the service provider to enter into another agreement with a different customer.
  19. It is possible to give notice of termination under certain circumstances.
  20. You can request that the service provider provide a warranty.


Concrete Contractors of Chicagoland